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K121 Krono's Rich n' Rare

Fullblood - DNA Parent Verified

Littersize: 2

Teat Stucture: P1XP1 

Notes: This guy is a tank. He's wide in the chest, deep in the ribs, and buttocks like you can't believe. He is one stout dude! Kronos' (this bucks sire) was known for being a huge buck that would really pack the pounds on his kids. His dam, as can be seen in the picture, is wide and deep as well. A big, high performing buck, with a unique pedigree to match.  He was part of a flush project, raised by a surrogate/recip doe as a twin.


DS Shootout

DOB: 3/28/20

Fullblood - DNA Parent Verified
Littersize: 2

BWT: 8.15 lbs

WWT: 52.0 lbs

YWT: 113.2

Teat Stucture: 

Notes: Shootouts looks didn't fall too far from the tree. He is stocky, thick, and big boned, just like his sire and dam. Shootout has jet black pigment, and did from early on. He is well muscled and powerful, and you can feel it if you try drag him around.

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