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About Us

Rafter P Livestock began when we decided we'd like to build a high performing goat herd. In our search for our own seedstock, we found it difficult to obtain performance data and decided to change this. With this as our focus, we have set out to create the highest performing seedstock herd, with readily available data to verify performance. 


To our knowledge, we are one of only 29 DNA Certified Savanna herd in the United States, and the only DNA Certified herd also registered with NSIP, submitting data for EBVs. We use EBVs, a growth index model, and our own data records, to provide the most accurate projection of genetic potential available. We want you to have confidence in your purchase. In our mind, this can only happen with unbiased, data backed, proven performance measures.  


We pride ourselves on our integrity. We want you to be as informed about our stock as we are, so we are open about the history, health, and pros and cons of each animal. We make all information we have readily available so you can make an educated decision to purchase our seedstock. 

Our Family

Devin & Camille

Devin and Camille love working together and being involved in agriculture. Devin grew up learning to love farming and ranching as he worked for his grandfathers. He wanted to continue to work in this field and also apply his love for analyzing businesses and crunching numbers. This led him to formally study agribusiness and agricultural economics. Camille was taught by her dad the value of hard work. Upon meeting Devin, she was able to apply this work ethic in a new setting as she would join Devin to help on the family farm; and has loved it ever since. They feel lucky to call Idaho their home, and to be in a great farming and ranching area.

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